Ontwerper Paulien Kingma
Naam ontwerp Table with their own story

Omschrijving van het circulaire innovatieve karakter van het ontwerp:

Tables are often the center of one’s home. A place where people can eat, hold discussi- ons and share happy and sad moments. My tables also have their own story, so that there can be a dialogue exchange between table and the beholder. It’s personal and different for everyone. Glass is applicable everywhere and we cannot live without. We look through it, drink from it and it protects us from the outside world and the cold. Due to it’s many possibilities, it’s also possible to add things from the past. It’s also possible to create a personal and unique table for you.

I create something new from used glass sheets using a special technique where colour plays an important part. The art of “less is more” became very essential for me over the course of time. My technique uses multiple styles, for example collage techniques, inks and precious memorabilia, finished with resin. People with vision clearly see the relationship with music.

Each table is unique and an inspiration for the next.